'It is better a day in pain...
Rather than a life in suffering'


Apitherapy or bee venom therapy, is the use of products of the common honeybee for therapeutic purposes (Latin apis, means "bee."). Bee venom,  raw honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis are just a few products generally considered to have medicinal effects. These products are said to be effective against a wide range of ailments, from arthritis and chronic pain to multiple sclerosis and cancer.


Bee venom is administered by an actual bee sting. Chemical studies show that bee venom contains a number of powerful anti-inflammatory substances, including adolapin and melittin, said to be a hundred times more powerful than hydrocortisone.

Melittin stimulates the production of cortisol, a natural steroid that also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Not surprisingly, bee venom therapy (or BVT) is often used for conditions that involve inflammation, such as tendonitis, bursitis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.


In your first visit a very small allergy test is required. This test does not represent any harm for you,  if everything is good, two more bee stings are applied.


A special procedure has been used to treat an allergic person with great success. After this preliminary treatment you'll be able to continue to a regular treatment


A Special technique is used to greatly minimize the pain. By the use of ice, the skin will be numb enough for you to comfortably do the therapy. But think about it!! Some times a disease is more painful than the treatment!!


This therapy is based in one simple principle: It will boost your immune system to do what it was supposed to do... fix and protect you against diseases.


Apitherapy sessions are held once or twice a week, depending on previous arrangements. The cost per session is $30 dollars. Starting in the second week, the bee stings will be increased by two every week up to a reasonable number according to the therapist, but the cost will remain the same.


The average life of a bee is thirty to forty days, depending on the time of year. During the summer they live less and during the winter they live longer.

To minimize the impact towards them, a method has been developed to select only the oldest bees that are already on the verge of dying, to be used in this therapy, this way, we do not interfere in their normal life cycle.

Apart from the great benefits that bees give us with their products, they also give us health with the properties of their venom.

It is not yet known exactly what is killing the bees, whether the large telecommunication corporations (cell phones, radio, microwaves, etc.), or the large corporations that manufacture the pesticides used in agriculture, or both.


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